Guest Information & Communication Policy

COVID-19 Policy


In our effort to deal with the spread of COVID-19 disease and to ensure the health of our customers and staff, we proceeded with the following changes in our policy, according to the instructions of the HELLENIC HEALTH MUNICIPAL ORGANIZATION.

> We forbade entry to any non-working person,ie. visitors, to all indoor areas. Friends of guests are not allowed to stay in the room.

> We asked our partners and suppliers to deliver the goods only with the use of a mask and wearing gloves to specific designated outdoor areas, indicated by the staff.

> In the departure / arrival we have adapted the cleaning protocol according to the new instructions of EODY and we use not only cleaners but also cleaning-disinfectants approved by EOF. The room is cleaned with one of the following protocols.

A) Detailed departure cleaning using cleaning-disinfectants with EOF approval (eg Septoforte 30, Septoforte Air Spay), and waiting 24 hours.

B) meticulous cleaning cleaning using cleaning-disinfectants with EOF approval (eg Septoforte 30, Septoforte Air Spay) and additional disinfection with steam cleaner on the surfaces in question.

> We have placed information signs in various common areas of the hotel trying to keep our customers and staff vigilant, i.e.

_for systematic observance of personal hygiene measures

_reminders to wash their hands frequently and for more than 20 “with soap

_conviction to wear a mask when in indoor areas largely populated

_to wear gloves as much as possible when touching objects in common areas of the hotel

_ to systematically disinfect their hands when touching surfaces in common areas even if they were wearing gloves and ( for this reason we placed antiseptic gel in 10 central spots )

_ to keep distances greater than 2 meters from other customers when they are in the outdoor seating area or by the pool

_not to move the sunbeds around the pool so as not to remove the distances of 2 meters between groups

_ to use the elbow if they need to cough or sneeze and avoid touching their face

_ to flash the water in the common toilets with the lid of the bowl closed to reduce the possibility of airborne contamination

> We changed the serving policy so that common objects are not touched. Customers do not serve themselves but someone from the staff does it even during the morning breakfast. That is why we ask for the understanding and patience of our customers.

> As far as possible, we recommend using private toilets in the room instead of the common ones.

> We remind our customer the obligation to take a bath with soap and shampoo before and after using the pool, which we provide in the shared WC of the pool, but we strongly suggest the use of their private toilet in the room instead of the common ones.

> We changed the layout of the common areas by removing furniture and tables in order to increase / create distances between groups , larger than 2 meters.

> More than 6 people are not allowed to sit at a dining table together.

> It is not allowed to enter the pool for more than 18 people at the same time , according to the rule 1 person per 5 sqm

> We removed the automatic shutdown of the air conditioner when the doors or the windows are open , so that the area can be ventilated during the operation of the air conditioner.

> We are systematically disinfecting all the points touched by customers in common areas, such as knobs, table surfaces with antiseptic suitable for food processing areas Destral Active.

> During the internal seminar, following the recruitment of staff, we gave detailed instructions for the observance of all rules of personal hygiene, for the way of entering the rooms , rules of approaching and socializing customers (no handshakes and engagements), for the changes in the primary cleanliness of the room and common areas, for the process of disinfection in case of a confirmed case , for the way of transport, sorting and washing the clothing. Finally we asked our personel to inform us immediately in case one develops symptoms related to COVID-19 virus and to remain quarantined at home.

> We provide useful updated information such as telephone numbers of clinics, pharmacies, taxis, etc. in central spots of the common areas, near the reception.

> We closed the indoor reception and we created an outside area , where check in can be done.

> We recommend the customer to proceed with web check-in ( through mobile or tablet ).

> We inform the customer that we request his consent during the check-in to keep his personal data (name, nationality, telephone number, home address, e-mail) and grant them to public health authorities if asked to do so.

> We adjusted the check-out time , which is now 11:00, and check-in, which starts at 15:00, so that there is enough time for disinfection and ventilation of the room. Of course, whenever and wherever it is possible, we continue to flexibly serve our customers earlier, putting however security and health first.

> We ask all our customers to inform us immediately if they show any symptoms related to COVID-19.

> We have created an ANTI-COVID19 station, near the reception,with single-use materials for specific emergency cases.

> Disinfect the bar catalogs after each use.

> We regularly disinfect sunbeds and tables after customers use them.

> We disinfect the keys and the power card after each departure.

> We place the room’s remote controls inside protecting bags and replace those after each check-out.

> The cleaning staff does not enter the customer’s room every day . They enter following a guest’s request between 10:00 and 13:00, Monday to Saturday.